Tuesday, April 7, 2009

tagged from fiza

7 things u should know??

Seven things that scare me.
-Allah S.W.T.
-become angry
-changing into evil
-break any heart.
-losing my loves.
-wild animal.

Seven things that I like the most.
-simple life.
-hve an employment.
-no enemy

Seven important things in my bedroom.
-computer(fius trbakaq)
-printer(xda ink)
-scanner(cd device ilang)
-futsal shoes
-carpet(syok landing)

Seven things I plan to do before I die.
-leave a lot of memory.
-be a good son
-make my parent cheer
-apologise 2 everyone
-say dua kalimah syahadah
-pray jemaah with my family

Seven things I can do.
-playing any game
-be patient

Seven things I can’t do.
-follow government rules directly
-run away
-pumping with my fingers
-burning my own house,haha

Seven things you say the most.
-si 'dia

thanks fiza.